Sustainability “Open House”

334452_windmills_6On Feb. 19, 2013, Magenta Loera, advocate for the Sustainability Club at Bellevue College organized a rally where members got the chance to speak before state legislatures and represent District 43. As well as representing District 43, Kamalpreet Sahota, a BC Running Start student and President of the Environmental Club, was the only one to speak for and  represent District 33 based out of the Kent area. This year the club is pairing up with the Washington Priorities Coalition to help fight for Washington bills that are focused on the economic, environmental and sustainable progress for the state.

Loera’s job as an advocate for the club entails a lot of responsibilities, such as getting people involved with environmental policies, lobbying and overall being active in fighting for environmental progress. Sahota’s duties as Environmental Club President run along the same lines as well as getting kids to participate in events that are sponsored at BC.

When it comes down to the best part of working for the Sustainability Club, Loera said, “My favorite part is definitely my position. I love advocating and spreading the word. I love learning new things as well as dispelling myths about the environment and educating people that believe these myths.”

For Sahota, she said, “It’s nice meeting new people and helping others. Helping others s what I really like to do.”

Currently, the Sustainability Club is working on bringing healthier options to the BC cafeteria. Not only do they hope to see healthier options with healthier meats and meals, but vegan choices as well. Another goal of theirs is to see BC start working with more non-profit organizations and more environmental companies.

The club and its members are also currently working to build and expand their club and then later plan to branch out in an effort to cover more ground and accomplish more around campus and around the community.

As far as goals and hopes for the future goes, the Sustainability Club and its members would like to see more people joining the club and becoming a part of their events. “I want more people to feel like they’re not alone if they want to help their planet and that there is a place to help out,” Loera said.

“It really does come down to the voice and the power of what you’re saying. We’re leaving this environment to our youth. This is our future,” said Loera.

The Sustainability Club currently has new opening positions for individuals who want to dedicate their time, such as an internship for advocate. To get involved, there is no application process to go through; you just simply have to go to Student Programs and talk to any of the members who are involved with the Sustainability or Environmental Club.