T-building construction on track

DSC_1387The construction of the T building is over half way to completion. The project which began September this year is scheduled to be completed by April 2015.
According to Srividya Ramachandran, campus operations project manager who is overseeing construction, the money for the project comes both from state allocated funds as well as “board approved local funds.” The total cost of the project will be approximately 35 million dollars, 26 of which will be paid for by the state.
Some malcontents such as Emry Dinman, a BC student, expressed concern that “this money could have gone to making sure that faculty receives equal pay.” However, plans for the T building have been in limbo for several years, the state approved funding for the project last year and such money is not easily reallocated. Furthermore the new building creates additional space which BC’s rapidly growing student population will certainly take advantage of.
When completed the building is set to achieve at least a Gold certification under the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification program. According to Ray White, VP of administrative services, it will be Bellevue College’s “greenest building.”
The new building will house all of the health sciences, freeing many classrooms around the campus for renovation and bringing together some 14 scattered departments. Gita Bangera, chair of life sciences and assistant dean of science, has accepted a new position as dean of undergraduate research. Bangera explained “the college would like to build up a center for undergraduate research and experiential learning, they would like someone to give ideas, to help the foundation raise funds, we would actually try to create a physical place where students can come together.” The new department will be housed in the T building, and students from many different fields will be able to communicate and collaborate through the new department.
Throughout summer quarter 2015 the health sciences will be making the transition to their new home. By fall 2015 students will be enrolled classes housed in the newest and greenest of Bellevue College’s main campus buildings.