Tennis is in session

The Women’s Tennis team is starting off the new season with some hopeful prospects in mind. After a some successful matches last season, the Bellevue College women’s tennis team started tryouts last week and will be playing matches in March.  For 8 seasons, the BC women’s tennis team brought home first place trophies. “I am very excited. We have a lot of strong players coming in that I’ve recruited from high schools around the area. Last year, we actually finished second in the conference and I think this year we have a  really good chance of getting first place,” says Head Coach Jason Chapman. “Some of the girls have already filled out their paperwork and have already been practicing in the fall.”

Sophomore Barbara Smith and Junior Preet Kaur did outstanding last season getting second position in doubles at the Northwest Athletics Association of Community Colleges Championships in May. Junior Jullie Le was recognized for the All Academic Sports Team and Rixing Xu was named the Baden Player of the Year for women’s tennis at the championships. “I love playing Rixing!!” says Sadie Dedon, Xu’s former teammate and doubles partner, “She’s an amazing friend and a great competitor.”

Last year Rixing Xu won first place at the NWAACC Championships and extend her talents and abilities to new levels. “She did not lose a single match last year against in our conference that are also four year players. We played a lot of division three schools last year,” Chapman comments, “hopefully she’ll play well again this year and I don’t know if she’ll be playing number one at all. Once they make the team, everybody plays matches against each other to figure out what position they are on the team.” Being number one on the team requires athletic talent but the opportunity is open to everybody.

Singles tennis is a test of individual skill against another person on the court. Players test their opponents’ limits with strength, agility, and precision. Coach Chapman explains the selection process. “Once they make the team, everybody plays matches against each other to figure out what position they are on the team. I really don’t have anything to do with who plays what position as far as the singles line up.”

Doubles, on the other hand, tests player chemistry between partners. Coach Chapman assesses whether players have a good connection on the tennis court. “I put players that that play well together or players that have good connection on the tennis court…It doesn’t necessarily mean that the number one singles player is playing with the number two player singles player,” Chapman explains, “if I have a player that is playing number six or seven on the team in singles and they are a really really outstanding doubles player I have no problem with them playing the number one doubles with anyone on the team.” Athletes still interested in joining the women’s tennis team can contact Head Coach Jason Chapman at Robinswood park. Tennis matches begin this March.