Thai VP satisfies cravings in Crossroads

Pad See Ew - C

If there’s one thing that isn’t in short supply, it’s Thai restaurants. Almost as common as Starbucks, it’s hard to throw a rock without hitting one. With so many places serving Thai, it’s a very pleasant surprise when one stands out among the others.

Thai VP is located between Crossroads Mall and Crossroads Park right off of NE 8th, the restaurant is conveniently close to campus and is a fantastic place to get a quick meal or take a special someone out to a nice dinner.

Small and cozy without being cramped, there’s not much that can be said against it. The interior is artfully decorated, looking like a legitimately fancy and expensive place to eat.
Even before the food arrived, I was very pleased with the restaurant. The staff was attentive, upbeat and polite, I never had to call for service or even wait too long for my water to be refilled. The combination of fancy, formal interior and cheap prices gives Thai VP versatility for almost any reason to go out for a meal. Whether grabbing a bite on the way home from classes or a special occasion, Thai VP fits the bill.

My order was preceded by a clear and delicate yet very flavorful rice soup appetizer, perfect for getting ready for the meal instead of something to fill up on. I ordered a beef Pad See Iew and was not let down at all. Pad See Iew found across the Eastside can range from barely palatable to absolutely delicious with a huge variety in ingredients, and Thai VP has some of the best I’ve had this side of the lake. Well-balanced and not too spicy with cabbage for extra crunch, I cleared my plate in record time and felt satisfied for hours.

Prices are extremely reasonable, ranging between $10 and $15 for dinner, and around $7 for lunch

To finish the meal, the check came with a small scoop of homemade coconut ice cream in an egg cup. I’m generally not a fan of coconut-flavored foods, but it was a very fitting dessert, far better than the ubiquitous fortune cookie.

Thai VP serves all the usual Thai fare, including vegetarian-friendly options. A card at the table advertised October specials – crystal roll prawn, roasted garlic and green beans, and a fresh Kabocha pumpkin curry.

With a variety of dishes, beautiful interior, great service and convenient, quiet location, I definitely see myself going there more to discover the other dishes they serve. While they of course serve to-go, I’d almost rather eat in the restaurant than at home.