The Awesome Ultimate Frisbee Club

DSC_1074Bellevue College is the home of a sports club called the Awesome Ultimate Frisbee Club. It is a fun club that recently started where anyone interested—whether they’ve been playing the ultimate Frisbee for years or are completely new to the sport—can come. They meet every Friday in the R building courtyard, and sometimes in the Student Union building, at 1:30 p.m. and walk a mile to Robinswood Park. Once there, they split into two groups and the game begins. Students are welcome to stay for the entirety of the game, which often lasts until everyone is tuckered out an hour and a half later or leave at any time. Though the club first meets in the R building courtyard, the bulk of the time is spent at Robinswood Park.

Chris Langley, club president and coordinator, explained his motivation to start the Awesome Ultimate Frisbee Club: “I wanted to start an Ultimate Frisbee club at BC for multiple reasons: to get my group active, since we sit around in the R building all day after school; we often debate a lot and just do loud stuff overall, to meet more people on campus because I love meeting new people, and because Ultimate Frisbee is awesome and I love it!”

Many students can agree that exercise isn’t necessarily the top priority on their to-do list. Studying and basic needs, such as food and water, rank significantly higher. More often than not, students will then prefer to go out with friends and party rather than spend an hour in the gym only to feel self-conscious about the fact that they’re benching 50. Of course there are the exceptions but one thing the club provides that has yet to be mentioned is the entertainment; playing sports can be fun. “Our club promotes sports and exercise in a fun execution. In the form of Ultimate Frisbee, I personally believe it is important to be physically active in college as taxing homework, stress, lack of sleep and cheap junk food from WinCo lead to a stressful and unhealthy lifestyle for us poor college students. Exercise is important! Plus exercise can clear you head, making it easier to think and get things done.”

Feb. 15 was  the first official “meeting” of the Awesome Ultimate Frisbee Club at BC. There is no membership to fill out, there are no mandatory meetings. Take it from Chad “the Man” Mann: “It’s awesome.” For more information, students can e-mail Chris Langley at