The Ball’s in Your Court

Forty-one years of Seattle SuperSonics history has been ruined. The blame goes to Howard Schultz, former Sonics owner and Starbucks CEO. Schultz said the reason for the sale was his group’s lack of ability to secure a solid economic future for the clubs working with Seattle and Washington state officials. Today, fans still feel sour about Schultz’s poor decision.

With the buyout of the Seattle SuperSonics in July of 2006 for $75 million, Oklahoma City, where the team will be based, named the NBA team Thunder. Out of the six names considered, Thunder was chosen. The other five contenders for the new Oklahoma NBA team were Barons, Wind, Marshalls, Bison, and Energy.

The fans of the Oklahoma City Thunder complain about the name choice for their new professional basketball team. Anything but the name Thunder for a NBA team would have been better than what was chosen. Even a name which relates to some of the industries of the state could have worked more for the team. Considering Oklahoma is also known for oil, oil wells, and cattle, the Drillers or Steers could have been used.

“I never really was a big Sonics fan; I hate the name Thunder though. It’s just not a good pro basketball name,” says Jonathan Leung, a BC student. When asked if he knew how Thunder was doing, he said, “I don’t know. It’s not the team I follow.” Leung admitted that he did not care about Oklahoma City Thunder, but he did mention that it would have been better for the SuperSonics to stay in Seattle where they belong. “Seattle SuperSonics is a way better name too,” Leung said.

At this point, many people think the battle is over, the team has already moved, and that nothing can be done to stop the inevitable. You may not see a Sonics jersey around, but there are diehard fans that are still fighting to bring the Seattle SuperSonics back. “I thought it was really messed up,” says Andrew Jarboe, a BC student. Jarboe plays basketball and is an assistant coach to the Bellevue College men’s basketball team. “Clay Bennett claimed he did everything to keep the team in Seattle. I don’t believe it,” said Jarboe.

Seattle SuperSonics fans are finding out ways to save their NBA team. Websites like, “Save Our Sonics,” show their obvious pain and loyalty towards the Sonics and one that continues to gain momentum each day from every fan all the way up to some of the NBA owners.

“Yeah it’s always fun to go to basketball games you know? Guess I have to settle for college ball now,” said Donald Lawson. Lawson is a running start student from Skyline High School. “I wish they were still around,” he said.

The point is this: One man cannot bring down the spirit of Seattle’s basketball fans.  Bennett is trying to swipe a historical and significant piece of our cultural landscape without a fight? “Bring back the Sonics. You bring back the tradition,” said Lawson.

This is our town, our team, our memories, and our hopes. Seattle SuperSonic fans don’t lose that hope, because this fight is just beginning.