The Destruction Left in the Wake

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All About This

This year’s Wrestlemania proved to be quite the show. Boasting the biggest names and the most exciting card in years, Wrestlemania did not disappoint for the millions and millions of fans watching around the world.

But what will happen once the smoke clears?

First of all, it is clearthe feud between Daniel Bryan and Sheamus will continue. The animosity between the two did not die on the grandest stage of them all. The ‘no contest’ is not the answer either man are looking for. Bryan still wants his title back, while Sheamus still wants to, well, kick the crap out of the smaller man. Expect these two to lock horns a few more times.

Secondly, Snooki and wrestling do not match. Snooki is a reality show star, meaning she does not have the talent to be a real actor and what is professional wrestling but very physical acting? In her match up with John Morrison and Trish Stratus against Lay-Cool and Dolph Ziggler, she got a few slaps in but no one really expected her to pull a German suplex out of her arse.

Lastly, of course, Randy Orton wins… again. Ever since his face turn, Randy has gotten a little boring. He is the definition of an anti-hero, but the old tweener Orton, whom the fans could not figure out, was a lot more exciting than the heroic Orton who took on CM Punk. Still, Punk is a devious man and, with the New Nexus waiting in the wings to get revenge on Orton, we can expect this feud to continue. After all, Punk is one of the biggest heels in the business at the moment. Pushing himself against Orton will only develop his character further.

Now more than ever, the RAW commentary booth will be seeping with hostility since Michael Cole won his match against his commentary partner, Jerry Lawler. Even though Cole won via disqualification, a man with Lawler’s pride will never allow Cole the time of day for gloating. Also, now that JR has come back to commentary, does this mean that RAW will have three play-by-play commentators?

Alberto Del Rio may have lost his match against Edge, but it does not mean he is out of the title hunt yet. Del Rio is the hottest rising star in the WWE and he will have a world championship soon. Also, getting revenge for his Rolls Royce Edge being destroyed prior to their Wrestlemania match is great incentive for Del Rio to match up again with the eleven time world champion.

One of the most important lessons learned from Wrestlemania is that the Corre storyline is hogwash, or at least, ending soon. The stable of Wade Barrett, Health Slater, Ezekiel Jackson, and Justin Gabriel lost to Kane, Big Show, Kofi Kingston, and Santino Marella. Currently, Barrett is the reigning Intercontinental Champion and Slater and Gabriel are the Tag Team Champions. This group holds three out of five belts and as soon as they capture a world title, the Wrestlemania loss will be quickly forgotten.

The Rock finally put John Cena in his place. Planting the worst wrestler in history of the business with the Rock Bottom, the Rock cost John Cena his title match against the Miz. So what does Cena plan on doing about this show of disrespect? Apparently, he challenged the Rock to a Wrestlemania match one year from that night, to which the Rock accepted. But this is what is going to happen: Rock Bottom, People’s Elbow, the three count.

And finally, the Undertaker does it again and his Wrestlemania record is now 19-0. However, the true winner very well may be Triple H. Even though the Undertaker won the match, Triple H was the last man standing. He was able to stand up while the Undertaker was carried out by paramedics.

With each new Wrestlemania, the landscape of wrestling changes. Now that new power dominances have been established, what will happen next?

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