The end of the world as we know it – Party Guide

Don't let this be your party (SOURCE:
Don't let this be your party (SOURCE:

Cheese platters.

Sparkling cider.

Congratulations cards without money in them.

If that sounds like the typical graduation party for you, it is time to upgrade.

What you need:

The killer summer playlist:

Be the cool friend who knows what’s out before everyone else.

Here is what you need to listen to:

Artist: Tyler, The Creator

Album: Goblin

Genre: exceeds labels, but iTunes says “Hip Hop/Rap”

The frontman of OFWGKTA (ODD FUTURE WOLF GANG KILL THEM ALL) debuted his  first solo album on May 10. Tyler’s music embodies him. His lyrics tell stories, his beats are haunting and hypnotizing as he also takes cues from his idol, Pharrell. Did I mention that he produced, wrote, designed, and directs all the videos for his album.

Download: “She” ft. Frank Ocean

Artist: Lykke Li

Album: Wounded Rhymes

Genre: Alternative

Sweden can do no wrong. The soulful yet sweet songstress follows the success of her album, “Youth Novels,” with her new album, “Wounded Rhymes”. She will be at the Showbox on May 26, but sorry, kiddos, this show is SOLD OUT. Maybe you can buy one from somebody in line.

Download: “I follow Rivers”

Artist: Theophilus London

Album: Lovers Holiday

Genre: Alternative

Psychedelic beats mixed with a smooth voice and sweet vocals. Theophilus’ clothing style matches his taste in music. A mix of old Marvin Gaye grooves, boat shoes, and bright prints teashade glasses.

Download: “Why Even Try”

After you have the tunes pumping, it is time to feed the masses.

Avoid: Any type of messy food

Cucumber salad

Crab cakes

Crappy chip dip

Must Have:

Fresh fruit:

Everyone loves strawberries. They are versatile. They can be a snack in the day, and turn to dessert at night with the right chocolate dip.

Mini versions of great food:

Hamburger sliders are great and cause very little mess. No one can deny that everything is better fun-size.


Throw in something fancy and have kabob’s mix and match meats and vegetables.



Go to the cupcake king: Trophy cupcakes. Indulge in the classics where rich chocolate and tasty vanilla meet to create greatness.

*Don’t forgot to get enough red cups and labels. No one wants the kissing disease when they didn’t kiss anyone.

Remember that the party is for your guests so don’t try to make it a foot kissinf contest. Good drinks + food = good vibes.

Enjoy Jibbers.