The endless wait for transportation

Once waiting for the 554 bus at King Street Station took over an hour. It was supposed to come every 20 minutes No matter how I did the math it just didn’t add up. There was a serious discrepancy with the schedule. So, there went arriving to class on time that day. Another time, it was waiting on the 271 at Bellevue College. After it didn’t come after an hour I just left- totally missing an appointment with a prospective landlord. Just waiting around the BCC bus stop , I’ve heard the bus is “known” for being off-schedule. These are only prominent memories, countless times I’ve witnessed the bussing at least thirty minutes late. Not only is it an inconvenience, but it’sácorollary is waiting out on a roadside bus-stop -potentially for an hour.

Once, while waiting at King Street Station for the 554, I witnessed the 545 stop three times all within the span of five minutes. Each time not one soul entered. Meanwhile, everyone else is waiting on the 554. It didn’t arrive over this five minute period, and also not for several minutes afterward. Was it just a traffic exigency , or is someone playing a joke? How did it get so messed up?

Further, waiting out on the highway Eastgate Park and Ride stop has been a surprise. The bus stop schedule indicated the bus would arrive at around 8:42 p.m. However, the online trip planner indicated about 8:30 pm. However, I’ve arrived at the conclusion it actually arrives around 8:52 pm. Someone not in the know could arrive five minutes early for 8:30pm, and find themselves standing out on the polluted highway for almost thirty minutes. Is someone playing the part of a saboteur for what could otherwise be a better system?

So, I suggest busing reform. Maybe the bus stop could be placed elsewhere than the highway? Couldn’t it be at Eastgate P&R with the rest of the busses? The extra minute -if even a minute- involved would not be significant. The bus is stopping anyway – be it on the highway, or nearby Eastgate P&R, and it would reduce pollution exposure. Having an indoor bus waiting station, like the one on other side of campus near the L building, would be even more ideal!

Perhaps the entire bus system should be overhauled Subways or lightrail could be the replacement. With a whole system underground there aren’t unplanned traffic delays. On time arrival not only benefits students, but also is conceivably useful in business meetings. Efficient transportation boosts an economy. Plus, a system underground limits exposure of toxic air to commutters, people at transit stops, and drivers. Air pollution from car exhaust has been linked to lung cancer, heart disease, brain damage, and the malformation of lungs in growing adolescents. It can leads to what actually are horrible long term health issues. Let’s reform this possibly sadistic system. If we have any control over our government and society, let’s consider bus system change.