The final words of an editor: Memoirs of a Watchdog

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 1.54.58 PMIt has been 624 days since I stepped into the office of C206. 624 days of writing, editing, interviewing, planning, building, managing, hair pulling, yelling; all with the initial goal of getting an 8-12 page issue of The watchdog, out on the stands, every Tuesday morning.  624 days since I washed up at Bellevue College from the small town of Arlington. With the hope and ambition of becoming a writer. Just by chance, Chair of the Communication Department, Katherine Oleson, sat with me the first week of fall quarter in 2012 and told me about how I should apply to be a part of the newspaper.
Two days later, I was the Arts and Features Editor. One quarter later, Patty Yee (former E-I-C) departed to Eastern and I stepped in, taking on a great load to bear above my shoulders. It was scary, and foreign. Dealing with students the same age if not, years younger, trying to gain respect from them while being respected. I’ve misquoted people, put in provocative headlines, almost sued, and lost friendships because of my writing. But in hindsight, the paper has reshaped the reflection I see in a mirror.
Despite the constant abrupt turn over of writers, editors, photographers, and graphic designers, one thing is true: friendships were made. Great friendships. Some of my best friends to this day were once sitting in the same stained orange rolling chairs screaming at the spinning colored wheel on the screen of an outdated Mac, long hours every Friday night, trying to get the words you are reading at this very moment out in print, for months and months. Erin Hoffman, Chris Toomey, Brian Tockey and so many more have left their marks that I will forever take with me.
One person in particular I will never forget. Dr. Amy Miller, you are the beam of light to my sunrise. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me during my time at BC. Taking late phone calls at an ungodly hours of the night regarding deadlines, shitty ex-boyfriends, job failures, drunken tales of sheer stupidity, co-workers, faculty, etc. No matter what you always picked up the phone, smiles or sorrow.  Because of your teachings my journey to journalism continues. I am forever in your debt. You believed in me when no one else did, not even myself. To be such a pure, genuine, kind, beautiful person is not something one can be taught; it is a gift from heaven above. You are not only my mentor, and my friend, but like a sister, and a outstanding mother to be. I anticipate watching “Baby Moses” grow. One day, when I meet the man of my dreams, you’re so coming to the wedding. “I’m forever yours, faithfully.”
Farewell, Watchdogs. it has been one hell of a ride. Just remember when the waves come crashing in, stay as a team and you will remain afloat.
And eat your veggies.
With love and kisses, I shall miss you.
“I don’t know if we each have a destiny, or if we are all floatin’ around accidential-like on a breeze. But I think it is both. Maybe both is happening at the same time.” -Forrest Gump