The Keg Steakhouse review

The Keg Steakhouse, located in Factoria, is a tasty and hunger-filling spot.  It may not be so affordable on a student budget, but it’s great for a date night or special occasion. The dimly lit restaurant has a warm feel with comfortable cushioned seats and a wait staff that’s over-the-top friendly and very knowledgeable about food.

We were waited on by Jeff, who was more than helpful when I told him that I have food allergies. It was easy to make a few adjustments, so I ordered the eight-ounce top sirloin which came with a side of grilled vegetables and a wedge salad. There’s something about the steaks at The Keg. It’s not just the way they taste, but the texture of the meat when it melts in your mouth. The juices flowed inside my mouth like a river, and the aroma of the dish took me out of this world. Basically, I was happy, and I couldn’t put my fork down even though my stomach was so full.

My husband ordered the classic Caesar salad with steak on top. It ended up being a scrumptious six-ounce steak side cut that he devoured. I thought that was a boring choice and would have thought it was better if he ordered a filet mignon or a top sirloin with teriyaki sauce (something more steak-exotic), but he loved it and would have ordered it again.

What’s nice is right now they have a very tasty winter grill menu, where each entrée gets a choice of baked potato, roasted garlic-mashed, Keg fries, twice-baked potato, rice pilaf or mixed vegetables. I highly recommend the mixed vegetables, which end up being a combination of green, red and yellow peppers, zucchini and asparagus with, of course, the Keg fries.

The Keg’s menu is not overwhelming, and the wait staff is very helpful with assisting you in choosing  a meal. Their menu is also available online, where I was able to pick a few items. However, with a food allergy it is hard to find substitutions for everything. They serve steak, pork, chicken and seafood. They also have an abundant wine list and a not-to-be-missed dessert menu. Our bill came to about $50 including a tea and soda. It can get pricey there, but if there’s no budget for you, then this is the best date spot in town. It will be sure to please your date with a full stomach and a smile.