The MLB Postseason Race


The regular season of Major League Baseball is winding down and teams are making last ditch efforts to get into the post-season.

There are tight races going on for the wild card spots in both divisions, with the second place team only two games back.

The latest slide by the Boston Red-Sox has given residence in “Bean Town” quite a scare as Boston struggles to close out the season atop the American League wild card standings. And yes the Mariners will end their season with another awful record.

Teams that have already clinched a spot in the post season are the New York Yankees, Detroit Tigers, and the Philadelphia Phillies who will end the season with the best record in baseball.

Divisions that have yet to decide a winner are the National League West and Central. Over in the American League the only division that is yet to be decided is the West division; Where the LA Angels sit 5 games out of first behind the Texas Rangers.

The poor Seattle Mariners will most likely finish their season in last place in the American League West. It is sad to see the M’s not be able to do anything again this. Let’s just hope they make the right decisions this off-season to make us possible contenders next season.

To make the M’s better all around, they will need to beef up their starting

pitcher rotation, and also bring in more consistent hitters to their line-up.

Another thing to keep in mind is the fact that Ichiro is not getting any younger. He will be turning 38 on Oct. 22; this makes you wonder has much gas he has left in the tank. It seems this seasoson Ichiro stuggled a bit. Ichiro did not have the best year hitting.

To give the Mariners a break, Eric Wedge was in his first year with the team. It is usually difficult for any first year coach, but you do expect them to still be contenders for the post season, which won’t be the this year.

For now our hope lies in next season.