The Montero Siblings Getting Used To Eastside Area

Photo by Holly Severign/Jibsheet  Luigi (in White) Fredy Montero (in Hat) held an autograph signing at BC last Friday, Sept.10
Photo by Holly Severign/Jibsheet Luigi (in White) Fredy Montero (in Hat) held an autograph signing at BC last Friday, Sept.10

The Bellevue College Bulldogs and Seattle Sounders FC have more in common than just hoisting silverware in 2009. They are also home to two soccer-loving brothers. One is an MLS superstar, among the league leaders in goals scored. The other is an aspiring major-league level player for our very own team. Fredy and Luigi Montero, Seattle’s biggest sports brothers, sat down with us during an autograph session recently to talk about the adjustment, their relationship, and their plans for the future.

Eric Flatness: Both of you earned cups in your first years with your new clubs. What’s different about winning with a new team and can you tell us about those experiences?
Fredy: When you’re with a new team, you feel a responsibility to be better than the other teams out there and perform well every single practice, and every single game. And when you’re one of the most important players in that success, it’s a good feeling.
Luigi: It was difficult to come to the team because the coaches thought, “this is Fredy’s brother, so lets see how he can help the team and what his potential is. My goal was to win a championship, to meet those expectations, and we did.

EF: What compelled you both to take soccer as far as you have?
Fredy: The first gift I ever got was a soccer ball, so I took that as far as I possibly could.

LM: Soccer is one of the few things where, when I do it, I have fun.

EF: Do you share tips with each other over the course of the season?
Laughs FM: Luigi helps me with English and I help him with soccer.

EF: Fredy, you’ve played in games against Portland the last two years. Have you gotten a sense of the rivalry that exists between them and Seattle?

EF: What was coming here like for the two of you?
Fredy: It was very different from Columbia, like a 100% change, but it’s America so it’s easy.
Luigi: It was the same for me too, like a total change.

EF: Luigi, do you have any aspirations of playing for the Sounders or with your brother?
Yeah, I want to go to the UW, then maybe get into the MLS draft, and after that…

EF: Was there any common influence in your pursuit of soccer? Family? Sibling Rivalry?
Fredy: Dad is very passionate about soccer, more than I am.
Luigi: It’s the same, except I also had Fredy to look up to.

EF: How much longer do the two of you want to be in the Seattle area? What has the experience been like?
Luigi: I plan to live here for the rest of my life. I really like it here, and the people are really nice. I just need to get used to the winter here… laughs
Fredy: My experience here has been very good. Everyone knows that if I keep playing well, than European clubs will be interested. So if it helps me and the Sounders, then who knows what will happen. However, winning MLS Cup and defending the US Open Cup are my main goals.