“The Other Women”: New comedy a must see

The Other Woman is a classic chic-flick starring Carly, Lydia, Amber and Kate. The story more or less is about a cheating S.O.B. husband Mark who gets caught, but how he does end up getting caught and how these women all make him slowly suffer is what makes this movie very funny.
If you think your significant other is cheating, then this movie is a must-see. From the women who discover that their boyfriend is playing them, to the wife who becomes best friends with her husbands “mistresses,” these women all go on a mission to bring this guy down and make him slowly suffer with random things like putting laxatives in his drink to sneaking estrogen pills in his morning smoothie.
Lydia, the assistant with flair can don an outfit that no one else can even think of wearing, and Carly her boss and the attorney who spearheads the “bring down the cheating scumbag” operation is awesome in her role as a semi-uptight woman who gets any man she wants. These two opposites make a great team.
The ever-so-gorgeous Amber is the ditzy young girlfriend who loves pop music and can dance all night. She’s bubbly and full of love. She’s just what Kate needs as a friend because both of them are kind-hearted.
Mark tells Carly one night that there’s a plumbing issue in his Connecticut house, so he leaves for a few days. Even though Carly is upset, she decides to drive from New York City to his house to surprise him in a rather kinky plumbing costume. But when she is greeted by Kate, his wife at the door, is when the story gets interesting and really funny. Carly didn’t expect what she saw. Let’s just say she was thrown off her heels in awe!
Even if Carly wanted to get over what happened, Kate, who literally stalks her, gets her attached and they soon hit it off as friends. Carly, who isn’t used to having any friends isn’t happy to have her cheating, scumbag ex-boyfriends wife being her friend, but she soon becomes Kate’s only friend.
There’s definitely a point in this movie when Kate literally pulls a “maybe he’s not going to do this anymore, I forgive him” moment, until she overhears him talking on the phone to yet another woman. Turns out that Mark has got himself yet another woman.
After following him to the Bahamas, the girls see that his silly cheating game isn’t just one woman but he is also using Kate to embezzle money from a handful of companies. After taking Kate to drain his account and draw up divorce papers, they decide it is time to confront Mark.
The Other Woman stars Cameron Diaz as Carly, Leslie Mann as Kate, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Mark, Don Johnson as Phil, Kate Upton as Amber and Nicki Minaj as Lydia.