The Puyallup Fair: Do it.

The Puyallup Fair is one of the largest in the United States. (SOURCE:
The Puyallup Fair is one of the largest in the United States. (SOURCE:

Ever since it’s opening on October 4, 1900, the Puyallup Fair has been entertaining people from all over the state of Washington and even other parts of the country. Every year, over one million guests participate in the fair’s grounds.

The Puyallup Fair holds several events year round, aside from presenting festivals and entertainment to people. Better yet, Puyallup Fair is one of the biggest and most popular fairs in the entire United States. People come to Puyallup for races, concerts, seasonal festivals and fairs, car shows, and even sporting expositions.

Puyallup is most visited during September’s “17 days of Puyallup” events, and this September some interesting artists are coming to town. Concerts are abounding, my friend, and here is who you could see this season:

Chicago with The Tacoma Symphony is a famous rock band that formed in the 1960s in Chicago (the name gives it all away) and it have been performing their music since their golden age of billboard singles and album records in the 1970s through 80s.  Today they are labeled as one of the longest running and successful pop/rock bands in America. If you love classic rock and roll you do not want to miss Chicago with The Tacoma Symphony this coming September 13th. The Tacoma Symphony is a live orchestra group, whose motto is to “Engage, enrich and inspire our community through artistically vibrant performances.”

Amy Grant, winner of six Grammy awards for her billboard hits in Christian music, is coming to Puyallup on September 16. She will be part of the 2 Friends Tour, in which she will perform with contemporary Christian musician Michael W. Smith. Smith reached stardom with the help of Grant after she hired him as her keyboardist way back when, and they are both excited to be touring together to play for all of us. As Smith told Tennessean Newspaper in Nashville:

“When Amy hired me to play keyboards for her [back then], I never could have anticipated where it would take me. This many years later — to get to tour together again — is just awesome!”

If the artists before now haven’t impressed you, the two bands next will, because they certainly impressed me. Although I had never heard of them before now, apparently Big & Rich and Gretchen Wilson happen to be a big deal in the country music community. Forming in 1998, Big & Rich fought for popularity and success, succeeding in scoring a deal with Warner Bros. Nashville. Their album “Horse of a Different Color” topped billboards for country music, thanks to their delightfully original single, “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.” The song name itself says it all. Wilson has been singing and making music since 2004, when her debut single “redneck Woman” was awarded the Grammy Award, and she has been successful since. To check out these two groups, head to the Puyallup on September 19th.

Here comes the golden egg. On Puyallup’s final September concert list, someone very dear to the heart of comedy will be teaching us a little lesson: Larry the Cable Guy, September 24th, the Puyallup. Every concert starts at 7:30pm on their respectable dates, and prices range depending on which concert you plan to see, but make sure to buy your tickets now, because they went on sale March 12th! For full details on ticket sales, visit the Fair website at, and get ready to have a good time.