The true reality behind New Year’s Resolutions and how people mantain them

The New Year, for most of us, means the beginning of a new chapter in our lives. The time, in which we reflect in our past, celebrate what we have accomplished, and set new goals for the New Year.

Some of the goals we set for ourselves make sense, and mostly because we know we can accomplish them. On other occasions however, the problem is not whether we can accomplish our goals or not, but whether we want to accomplish them. 

Yes, I am talking about the little (or maybe not so little) challenges we know we have to face, but keep pushing them off for tomorrow, sometime next week, or until you are forced to push them to the next year.

For girls, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) challenges we face is the trauma of staying “fit.” As soon as the calendar marks January 1st of every year, we start saying things like “I should try to go the gym at least twice a week, but how can I fit that into my schedule?” And that right there is wrong, we spend too much time planning for something we know we have no motivation of doing, instead of focusing on things we can actually get accomplished. 

Guys on the other hand, tend to have goals, which lean more towards the side of “I should really apply myself more to school and to my chores.” I am sure that most mothers would like to have sons who not only say these words, but who actually put some action into them. Yet again, guys would probably rather play Call of Duty or hang out with their friends.

Reality is that the more we set these type of goals in our priority list, the more guilty and irresponsible we feel for not accomplishing them. Sure, exercising is good for the body and certainly reduces the risk of cancer and diabetes, but stressing over the fact that we cannot exercise more than what we already are is unhealthy too.

As for all the guys out there, dedicating at least an hour to your chores a week, not only will it make your mom happy but also it will make you prouder of yourself. Perhaps cutting the time you play Call of duty a week, will help you more at school, you don’t have to give up everything you like in order to feel responsible, you just need to know how to plan things accordingly.

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