The unwanted truth behind crushes

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We are all unique in our own ways, but let’s admit it, we all experience certain crushes that just leave us with no other alternative other than losing our minds over someone we hardly know.

We don’t really know why we end up liking a perfect stranger in the first place.  All we really know is that they are driving us crazy and the desire to talk to them (or rather get their attention,) makes us do things that we normally wouldn’t do, or ones that completely contradict our personality traits.

For instance, a girl may be loud and outgoing with her friends, but when around her crush, she becomes the shyest and most insecure person in the world.

 Her insecurity would then lead her into doubting herself, and eventually, she would be questioning whether she is attractive or smart enough for some guy she barely knows.

Once the insecurity begins, a girl tries to “better” herself for her crush, starting from changing her appearance, the way she walks, even how she talks to people when around her crush.

 To top it off, not only is a girl changing for someone she doesn’t know—with the pure hope he might like her back— but if she happens to have a class with him, she would also try to sit next to him or even start conversations that just don’t get far from being awkward.

Sorry to say this, ladies, but guys are so oblivious to the fact that they actually have a girl head over heels for them. They just can’t see it! So really, before changing your personality and everything you do, ask yourself if he is worth the time and commitment. A guy is going to end up liking you for whom you are, and for exactly what you look like!

Still, let’s not forget about the guys. Boys, you might like a girl real bad but trying to look “cool” isn’t going to do it, especially when a girl knows you are quiet and simple in the first place.

 Yes, we girls know when you are changing your personality, so try to avoid doing this as much as possible because it is annoying.

Trying to act “cool” is not going to win your girl’s heart, especially when acting “cool” means making fun of people, playing pranks on others, or interrupting class.

You don’t really need to act “cool” to get a girl’s attention. Yes we do like guys who are funny, but we would also like to have an actual conversation with them.

Also, when you take the initiative of talking to your crush, pay attention to what her interests are.

 You don’t want to talk about sports (as much as you like the subject,) because most girls don’t know anything about sports.

Don’t expect a girl to lead the conversation because then everything gets awkward. One, she would not know what the heck to talk about. Two, she will probably start talking about something you don’t feel any passion for at all. 

There is nothing with having a crush. It is normal for us to find someone attractive, adorable, cute, hot, whatever, but changing for someone else isn’t worth the time.

 Whoever you are going to end up with, will like you for who you really are. As cheesy as this sounds, you know it is true. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I dare you to talk to your crush and see what happens. You don’t lose anything with trying! But remember, be yourself, be confident, and DON’T make it awkward!

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