The Watchdog’s role and function on campus

the watchdogThe purpose of this issue of The Watchdog is to highlight the role diversity plays on our campus. It’s been a privilege to work with all of the student groups on campus every week. As a social publication, we strive to represent each and every one of you.

At The Watchdog, we tout ourselves as “the student voice of Bellevue College.” Our job as student journalists, is to both keep the student body informed on events and issues alike as well as to voice our opinions. Our opinions are not meant to be indicative of the entirety of the college, but rather we aim to open up the discussion. As previously stated, The Watchdog’s purpose is to inform, and we strive to produce a high quality paper that not only tells you, the student, what is going on but encourages students to be engaged in the development of their learning environment. Different and more complex opinions have been added and modified in recent decades, but one universally articulated purpose is to bring to public attention things that are genuinely important for the audience the journalist is addressing. In the case of BC, this audience is you, the reader.

BC is home to students with interests in many academic fields and different areas of study. We provide different perspectives, and The Watchdog is a resource for students to circulate their ideas and gain new perspectives.  As a school publication, it is our responsibility to represent the diversity of our students, staff and faculty members on campus. We report on material intended to enhance deep thinking and an active learning environment. The Watchdog is an outlet to commemorate academic and artistic excellence, as well as voice the concerns of the campus community.

We, as The Watchdog staff, take great pride and honorable passion in our writing, as beginning journalists. Our ultimate goal is to strive for success by giving BC the best news coverage, and to keep the student voices around campus heard.