This season’s first Sounders win

On Sunday April 22, the Seattle Sounders FC claimed their first win for the season. This is a huge accomplishment for the team because of their slow start and it meant a lot for the fans too. Around 12:30 p.m. the streets of Pioneer Square were animated with people paving their way to the stadium, cars stuck in traffic, and a significant number of bicyclists rushing. As a big parade, all the supporters proudly wore blue and rave green as they were headed to the CenturyLink Stadium.

The Sounders were competing against the Minnesota United at 1:00 p.m. The Seattle Sounders took the lead at the 23rd minute with their first score made by Gustav Svensson. This was a major accomplishment considering it was the first half of the competition. Two minutes later, the Sounders were able to take full possession by scoring for the second time with Will Bruin. At this point, the crowd was overwhelmed with joy and was convinced about the Sounders’ victory. The players themselves gained a lot more confidence and its seemed that an atmosphere of harmony reigned between the teammates on the field. The public point out that the players were more accurate in their passes and their actions were more smooth than usual. Near the end of the game, Minnesota United attempted to add a ray of hope for their team with one goal, but the Sounders were still at the top of their game and scored for a third time. On their fifth game for the season, the Sounders met expectations with this terrific win against Minnesota.

With three previous losses and one tie, the Sounders were at the bottom of the MLS standings list with only one point before that game. There is a long way ahead until the final, which has a total of 34 games for the whole season. Is it safe to say that the Sounders are taking control of the situation? Well, this is certainly a good starting point for them. It is also a sign that the team must be on their guard and make even more progress in the future. The fans are confident that the Sounders’ new coach, Brian Schmetzer, has the knowledge and the experience to make the team go far. In a press conference after the latest match, Schmetzer said, “We are not out of the woods yet, our record still isn’t were it should be, the win was important ‘cause it’s a home game,” and continue with advice for the players: “For all the effort that the guys have to put in, they also have to play with their heads … You have to play disciplined sometimes.” It is too early to make long term prediction, but we can hope that the Sounders keep improving and shooting their best shots for the upcoming games.