Thumbs up for ASL Game Night

Voices off, but the room was not quiet. Members of the ASL (American Sign Language) club came together July 14 for The ASL Games Night.

This was not an ordinary games night held at Bellevue College, this event had one large rule, no one can speak, only sign. The Games Night took place in C120, and was open to all that wanted to join.

The first introductory game had everyone put on a blank nametag where then the members circled the room and tried to guess the letters to that person’s name.

The night exercised not only ASL as a language, but also as a social skill.

Communicating with those that are well aware of how to sign, and those that are new to the language.

Another, event had the attendees wearing a picture of an animal taped on their back, while asking those around them; through sign, yes or no questions; until they were able to guess their animal.

Everyone that attended had difficultly communicating and following with the games, each individual had to branch out to find answers and network through the crowd on how to solve the problems to the games.

ASL club members, and Katelyn Russell, ASL club President participated in the activities and planned the games, and food for the event.

Games Night was one dollar per entry and went from 5:30p.m. to 7:30p.m. with pizza and sodas provided.

Although, many of the students that joined brought friends with them, the purpose of the activities were to get everyone interacting and communicating together.

The club also has a participating Twitter account as well as a Myspace account for more basic information on upcoming events.

“We have been a student run program since 2005. We are committed to encouraging communication through American Sign Language, as well as fostering respect of the Deaf Culture.” As stated on the clubs Myspace portfolio.

To find out more about the club, and future events to be held this quarter or fall quarter, email Russell, ASL club President at

American Sign Language as defined by Wikipedia as being, “the dominant sign language of the Deaf community in the United States, in the English-speaking parts of Canada, and in some regions of Mexico.”

The ASL club is here to stay, and always looking for future members to join.

The experience of stepping out and in to something new is worth the knowledge and friendships gained.

So look in to the ASL club at Bellevue College and join the upcoming events, and activities.