Time to keep calm and carry on post royal wedding

Royal Wedding
Royal Wedding

After countless magazine covers, facebook status updates and hour long TV specials, the royal wedding is officially over.

Vows were exchanged, Kate’s gown’s turned out to be Alexander McQueen and the couple had waved on the balcony of the Buckingham Palace. At last, we get to take a rest from the never-ending media coverage on “the biggest royal event since 1981.”

Like many people out there who did NOT stay up till 3 a.m. to watch Prince William and Kate getting hitched live, I am truly glad to finally have my attention focused on something that’s neither about weddings, nor royal related.


While the whole world’s attention has been on Prince William and Kate, or now Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cambridge, the entire time before they tied the knot, certain characters are brought into the spotlight as the aftermath of the wedding.

First up is Kate’s little sister, Pippa Middleton. It’s perhaps people’s misconception or possibly their reluctance to believe in the best, everyone seems to think that there can only be one cute sister in a family. Well, not every family is the Kardarshians and believe it or not, there may be more than one Kim in reality.

When Kate’s maid of honour showed up in the wedding holding the dress train, everyone was surprised by her beauty and impeccable figure in that ivory body con dress. Not joking, there is a “Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society” page on facebook with 186K people liking it.

Apart from having a relatively nice looking butt, there are some things you may not have expected from Pippa. She is a party organizer and in 2008, Tatler magazine even named her the “Number One Society Singleton,” beating James Blunt and Princess Eugenie (Prince William’s cousin). That was the same year when she shot twenty-three game birds in a day in Scotland.  In 2009, Pippa took up tobogganing (coasting over snow or ice using a simple sled) with multimillionaire Trevor Baines as her mentor. You’d think Pippa as more of the “high tea-ing everyday, only job is to not have any real job” kind of girl.

Another overnight sensation (and personal favorite) is 3-year-old Grace van Cutsem. No idea who she is? She’s Prince William’s goddaughter and one of the junior bridesmaids. Still no clue? Alright, just enlarge your picture of the “Royal Kiss.” See a tot scowling and covering her ears while the newly weds have their first public kiss? That’s Grace.

In case you are wondering why was she in such a bad mood, it was the cheering of crowd down below the balcony that apparently was too noisy for “glower girl.” (Yes, that’s how everyone’s calling her on the internet now.) Just imagine ten, fifteen years later when little Grace look at herself. Never been to a royal wedding, but guess is, pouting is the way to go when you’re in one.

The royal wedding frenzy lasted a fair few months. Let’s hope Pippa and glower girl will not make it too much longer. People are actually trying to get their life back.

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  1. How many people enjoyed Pippa’s endowments? 186K? How many were men. I think you left out an important stat here.

    Actually, given the economy I think a better read would have been how much that wedding cost. I suspect the commoners of the UK can bearly keep food on the table; while the monarchy spends like there is no tomorrow. Ever wonder where all that money comes from?

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