To the Boiling Point we go!

The growth of Asian food in America has been rapid the past few decades, and this includes the growth of the famous “hot pot,” a dish that is served boiling on top of a burning fire. It is typically broth-filled with all kinds of meat and vegetables.

However, there is one particular hot pot restaurant that stands out among the rest.

The franchise Boiling Point is gathering admirers very quickly.

For people living in Seattle or its greater area, two locations are available for them; one in Seattle and another one in downtown Bellevue. It is not uncommon to see the restaurant flooded with people, either seated or standing in line. This is because Boiling Point is pretty huge among the Asian community, as many find it irresistibly indulgent.

I am personally familiar with the branch located in downtown Bellevue. Depending on the time of day, you may have to wait in line to get a table. But don’t worry, it will be worth the wait!

First-timers coming into the restaurant may find the scent of the restaurant particularly odd. Among other things, this is due to the presence of the “stinky tofu”, a Chinese delicacy that has a strong scent. To some though, it is a little piece of heaven. So, come to the restaurant dressed up. (The smell will cling to your clothes, so don’t wear anything you are very attached to or plan a date afterwards!)

After being seated, you will be faced with the task of choosing from 10 different hot soups. They all differ in the flavor of broth and choice of meat and vegetables. They’re all great, so go ahead and take a pick! The House Special may be suitable for first-timers, but the common favorites are the curry fishball, the lamb and the beef soup. Have a large appetite or want something larger in size?

Order the Thai, Taiwanese Spicy or the Japanese Miso soup.

These are larger in size and will surely deliver! Beware though, the Taiwanese Spicy is very spicy and is not for the faint of heart.

Your waiter will then ask you how spicy you want your dish out of  five stars. Go  for one or two if spicy food is not really your thing. Three would be medium spicy, while four and five stars are for the experienced!

You can then get creative by ordering add-ons to your food. You can get all kinds of things including mushrooms, extra meat, tempura, vegetables and ramen.

A perfect addition to this meal would be a cold drink to wash down the heat. Boiling Point serves great boba tea, a specialty drink of Taiwan. Choose out of the many choices and have a complete experience!

The winter weather is cold outside so come down to one of the Boiling Point branches and have an indulgent hot pot experience while warming yourself up!