Top 10 Music Played at Major League Baseball

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As we all know, Major League Baseball has just started, which means new songs for this year’s season!

Baseball is known for playing a song every time a player comes to base, assuming that it is the song of the players choice, and other songs to pump up the stadium.

There is always the usual Take Me Out to the Ballgame and other chants like Charge, but what are the top 10 songs we will here to help pump the players? Let’s find out!

1. We Will Rock You–Queen

2. Let It Rock–Kevin Rudolf

3. Burn It to the Ground-Nickelback

4. Boom Boom Pow-Black Eyed Peas

5. Car Wash-Christina Aguilera

6. Fire Burning–Sean Kingston

7. Song 2–Blur

8. Turn My Swag On–Soulja Boy

9. Run This Town–Jay-Z

10. Machinehead–Bush

Is it weird to think that majority of the songs played and are popular at the games are recent music and not one of those songs by the Rolling Stones, I think not.

Our audiences today are young and bright and want to feel entertained while watching a baseball game and snacking on peanuts and crackerjacks!

The funny thing is, Car Wash is supposedly one of the songs played the most in all stadiums.

How could this be, I feel like maybe because it was popular among the kids by the movie Shark Tale and it creates a fun environment for families.

I know the Seattle Mariners are kind of in the dumps when it comes to competition, but why should this stop us from experiencing a great time at the good ol’ baseball games?

I remember going as a kid and wanting to be on the big screens as we dance to random music they play or playing the music trivia by guessing what year and song they were playing.

Also the 7th inning dance with the cleaning crew who come out onto the field and entertain us! Every experience at the baseball game includes the music and helps us get involved and cheer on our team.

What kind of music do you think is the best for the Major League Baseball games?

I feel like they need to add a lot more Queen into the mix because all of their music pumps me up and brings me into the zone for a sporting competition.

They also need to bring in some new dance grooves to get the crowd up from their seats and maybe do some dance moves!

Mariners are already in season so if you plan on attending, make sure to stand up and shake your booty!