Top Five moments of March Madness

WATCH: Morehead beats Louisville

March Madness is, as the name implies, madness. It is more than just college boys playing ball for some silly trophy. Like street ball, March Madness was designed for the sake of bragging rights. Viewers are more focused on March Madness “Moments” rather than who beats who. It is all about who did what.

  1. 5. UConn wins March Madness: That’s right, the winner of March Madness is probably the least of concerns when it comes to Top Five. Uconn picked up the final victory over Butler, 53-41, at Reliant Stadium in Houston, Texas in what was frankly a pretty frivolous game. UConn was a serious force for the 66 games they played before meeting Butler in Houston. Butler had not lost a single tourney game until the finals. So either the two teams were slacking, or both got abducted by aliens and the players were replaced by poorly programmed robots. Whichever the case, the shooting was horrific and the shot selection was just as bad.
  2. 4. Kentucky takes out Princeton: All the money Princeton graduates will make in the future will not allow them to forget the shame they suffered against Kentucky in which was arguably the biggest upset in the entire tournament. With a tie, 37-37, at thirty seconds left on the clock, Kentucky held the ball and it seemed like they were going to force overtime. Yet, Brandon Knight had other plans. Sydney Johnson must be disappointed in his old team when they decided to stick Knight with only one man with five seconds left on the clock. Knight brushed the defense like a paintbrush on canvas and threw a layup into the window where it fell down into the basket. Princeton called timeout to prepare a counterattack with two seconds left on the clock.
  3. 3. The Epicness of Gus Johnson: Part of the reason why some fans even watch March Madness is just so they have a chance to listen to Gus Johnson. This man kicks the homeless man with a golden voice’s vocal cords so hard, his rectum is probably bleeding. They should honestly just give the man an NBA contract to commentate because his play-by-play skills and enthusiasm is matched by none. In the game between Geroge Mason and Villanova, he even called players walking and running. That,ladies and gentlemen, is dedication.
  4. 2. George Mason squashed Villanova: No one cares about timeouts until you really, really need them. Jay Wright was probably cursing his acorns off when he realized Luke Hancock’s step back three sank into the basket. Not only did Hancock secure a two point lead with less than twenty seconds left on the clock, the Villanova players were clearly in complete disarray as they tried to rush the ball back to the other side. A missed layup marked the end for Nova.
  5. 1. Morehead State CTRL, ALT, DELETES Louisville: Seriously. The number four  seed was taken out by a number thirteen in a complete upset. Morehead was the underdog of the game from the moment the brackets were announced. With less than ten seconds left, the score was 59-61, Louisville leading. Demonte Harper was in control of the ball and god knows what was going through his head. He finally decides to move and goes forward, the man sticking him follows but falls for the feint as Harper steps back and shoots the three. Bam! The arena erupts and everyone goes crazy. The look on the Louisville players were worth a million bucks. Louisville’s Preston Knowles probably forgot the pain he was in due to injury during the last five minutes of the game. Even the Morehead players could not believe it. Crazy upsets like Moorehead State beating Louisville, is what March Madness is all about.