Top Things to Look Forward to at a University

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Constant parties, independence, cultural diversity, school spirit.  Although Bellevue College has a lot to offer students, these are some of the things that show there is still nothing like really attending a university.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Bellevue, but I still can’t wait to transfer so I can really experience new things and see what it’s like to be a student at a university.

With that in mind, here’s a sneak preview at what you’ll be getting into when you transfer that the college might not fully offer.


Yes, some of you might live by yourself, but most likely most of you are also saving money by living at home and being a full-time student.

Going to a university is a way of pushing you out of the nest so you can learn what it is like to be independent and make mistakes on your own so you can learn from them.

Living by yourself in an unfamiliar place is a crucial part of growing up but definitely an enjoyable one.


Dorm parties, frat parties, house parties, etc… There is always a party or some type of gathering occurring on campus.

Yes, there are the typical frat parties and house parties where everyone is getting completely wasted, but there are also parties for those who aren’t so much into that scene.

Even if you’re not the partying type, there are probably students just like you that know how to have a good time in their own way and in a way you would enjoy too.

The fact that a university offers more of a melting pot of students means that you will always find someone that has the same interests as you.

A Sense of community/School Spirit

Although Bellevue does have some community aspect, at a university it is much greater.

Students don’t just go to school then leave, they live near each other, and everyone in a way becomes their neighbor.

You make a lot of friends quickly and see them in and out of class.

Also, students are more supportive of campus activities like sports. Depending on where you go, there are always games going on every season which usually are a huge deal. Being decked out in school colors and having your face painted is the norm.

More Culture Diversity

The college is for sure very diverse, having people  from the area or other parts of Washington, and other countries like Nigeria, Spain, Iran, and parts of Africa, but but when going to a university the diversity expands even more.

You’ll meet a greater variety of people from other states and, more fascinating, from other countries.

There will be people from all different cultures and backgrounds, and those whose life journey may be completely different than yours.

Javon Carlisle, a returning sophomore at the college who is hoping to transfer to Washington State University in spring, says that what he is looking forward to the most in college is “meeting new friends, athletics and dorming.”

Similar to Carisle is Lisa Le, another returning student at the college who is trying to transfer in fall of next year. Le is currently unsure about where she going to transfer to but is excited to “experience a different scene” and “warmer weather with less rain.”

A more experienced Bellevue bulldog, Jessie McAbee, third year biology teacher that had her college experience as an undergrad at the University of Washington and went to graduate school at UC Davis, says that her favorite part of college was “the fact that there were a lot of people that were like me.”

“There’s a place for you at a larger college for those who have troubles finding their niche,” said McAbee.

Being raised in Bellevue wasn’t a bad thing by all means, but I really do think my experiences were limited and still are.

My advice to anyone who’s wondering where they want to transfer to is to get as far away from here as you can because really experiencing life and all the different types of people in it is very important in helping us grow into a more accepting and grounded people.

Hopefully this helped the transition to the next chapter of your life so you can go on with a sense of excitement.