Twitter: Why I don’t give a tweet

Twitter could quite possibly be the worst invention of all time. I have no idea why it is so freaking popular. When I first heard about twitter I thought it was a joke, seriously why would anyone want to know what I am doing at all times! It’s not like anyone who uses it says anything substantial like “ Just found a cure of AIDS LOL!” no instead its like,

“Just saw this guy at starbucks and he was so cute! LOL” or

“Going to the mall to get my shop on, meet me there? LOL”

Twitter is just a platform for people to tell the world things they do not really care to know. I will never need to know if some 13 year old girl just lost a game of guitar hero and that she is ‘super bummed!’

The generation after mine is f***ed. Their days consist of waking up, checking Facebook, going to school, checking Facebook VIA i-phone, going home, checking Facebook, and then going sleep.

Mind you during all of that, they are also twittering, telling everyone about how they are checking their Facebook. I have a question, WHO CARES what you are doing? Here is the answer:

No one. No one at all, so stop it.

I have to give credit to the creators of Twitter. They are brilliant. Such a simple and moronic idea has now made them millions.

I think that everyone with a brain should ban together to boycott Twitter. Let’s make it un-cool. I am rather sick of turning on the TV to watch the news only to hear that some stupid senator was twittering during a senate hearing. Isn’t that just great? Our congress is twittering on the job instead of fixing the mess that is our country. All in all, twitter is the worst invention and I wish I would just go away.