Ultimate Frisbee club in need of a fresh spin

Bellevue College has an Ultimate Frisbee club…with no members. On the Student Programs webpage, under the clubs and programs section, the club is still listed. The current meeting time is listed as “none” and the space for 2012 budget information remains blank. The club, as it turns out, hasn’t had a meeting in over a year.

Stella Orechia, a physical fitness instructor at BC and the club advisor, explained that after the last student officer of the club left BC, no one took over the office. Orechia explained that one student emailed her about the club and that she responded by saying that if the student could get five students together, that was all that was needed to start the club again. “Although you really need at least ten to play,” added Orechia.

Orechia got involved with Ultimate Frisbee through a class she teaches here, Cardio Fitness. The course was canceled for the current quarter due to low enrollment. Part of the class, when it is in session, is going over to Robinswood Park to play cardio games. The club was born from this class, as students decided to come together outside of class time to meet and play ultimate. Orechia said she’d like to see the club to get back to where it once was. She explained that competitions could be arranged with other local clubs, like the University of Washington’s or the Bellevue Park’s club.

“I see students throwing Frisbees around campus,” said Orechia. “It’s not a hard club to manage; they could do fundraisers because it’s not an expensive sport. If they contact me, I can hook them up with other groups too.” Orechia added that managing a club looks good on a resume. She also added that, at least for fall quarter the gym is open to use from 7:30 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. every morning. This would provide cover for club members wishing to stay dry while they play.

BC Student Forrest West said, “Yeah, I think there should be a club.” A lack of free time was a commonly sighted reason for not being able to participate in the club.Students interested in jumpstarting the Frisbee Club are encouraged to contact Stella Orechia for guidance.