“Very Still and Hard to See”

StillandHardtoSeeThumbScenes of horror, love and loss, retribution and revenge, an eternally haunted hotel and a seemingly never-ending hole in the ground were all seen in Steven Yokey’s play, “Very Still and Hard to See.”

Walking into Bellevue College’s Stop Gap Theatre, audience members were quietly hissed at and stared down upon by methodical actors and actresses from Bellevue College’s theatre arts program. They set the stage of an eerie hotel and intrigued the audience with creepy sights and unnerving sounds.

The story unraveled bit by bit, layer by layer. From the telling of personal histories and their connections to the present, to the reiteration of remaining mysteries, the story panned out. From an undying lesbian haunting her way around, to the third-wheel friend who can’t speak for himself, the story gripped its audience.

As the production played out, the audience couldn’t help but ask themselves: Will the horror here ever die out?