Vick is back in prime form


It’s good to see Michael Vick find success in the NFL again after the road bumps he’s has previously gone through.

Vick, who only a few years ago was convicted of participating in illegal dog fighting and sentenced to 23 months in prison, made his return to the NFL in a big way last season with the Philadelphia Eagles.

Michael Vick was very impressive last season after being out of football for two years.

Last year he signed a one-year deal with Philadelphia and was brought in as the backup QB. However, during the regular season he took over the starting position from Kevin Kolb, after proving that he still was a dominant quarterback even after being in prison for a little under two years.

Once let out of prison Vick immediately surrounded him with people that would prove to be positive influences in his personal life as well as helping him with his professional football career.

Michael Vick, who now appears to have gotten his life straightened out and heading down the right path, was rewarded generously this off-season with a new contract from Philadelphia worth $100 million with $40 million guaranteed.

Vick also became the first ever athlete Nike resigned after dropping him four years ago.

The new contract Vick signed with Nike was a sign that the new image he is portraying on and off the field was now impacting people in a positive way.

It’s amazing to think that just a couple of years ago everybody thought Vick would never recover to play football at a top level after the conviction and the horrific things he allegedly did to dogs.

It makes me think, “Wow, maybe people can actually change!”

I hope he continues to be a positive role model in his community and talk at local schools, where he conveys a message of staying out of trouble and making the right choices in life.

It will be great for the fans if he continues to play exciting football and impact those who look up to him in a positive way.

It’s neat to see an athlete actually acknowledge that he has made mistakes and take responsibility for his actions, and learn from those experiences to not only better himself, but also try and have a positive impact on others in his life.

I wish him the best andz hope he is able to keep himself on this encouraging path.