Violence never solves violence

The situation in Ukraine has been going only what can be described as “downhill.” Two states fighting over the ownership of territory is one of the oldest stories in history, one of the main causes of war and conflict that has seemingly calmed down a bit in the last couple decades–Western Europe has become united and no EU countries even consider military action against each other,a far cry from the past.

When two states fight over territory, there can never be a winner. No matter what the majority of people want, the minority will suffer and nobody can have peace. The Euromaidan movement started in response to perceived abuse of power and a desire by some Ukranians to join the EU. Whether or not there was an abuse of power is debatable, but what is certain is that the response by the Yanukovych government only stirred the pot. Violent crackdowns of protestors, snipers killing demonstrators in the street and police brutality reveal the Ukrainian government for what it is. Anti-Maidan, pro-Russia supporters used the developments to call for joining Russia, and the pro-Ukraine side called for joining the EU and replacing the current government.

One of the most troubling developments occurred on May 2 in Odessa, when a group of soccer fans marching to a game, singing patriotic, pro-Ukraine songs, was attacked by a pro-Russia group organized over social media. In response to this attack, the pro-Ukraine movement organized to destroy the pro-Russia camp outside the Trade Unions House.

Demonstrators burnt the camp and the anti-Maidan activists took shelter in

the Trade Unions House, which was attacked by pro-Ukraine demonstrators and set ablaze. The worst atrocities occurred when individuals desperate to escape the building jumped out of windows and were beaten after falling multiple stories. The violence wasn’t universal, some of those escaping were helped to safety by others.

While some good is heartwarming to see, none of these groups are giving themselves any credibility and do nothing but hurt their cause and perpetuate the same old story. Violence is what kicked this whole thing off, more violence by those who opposed it in the first place only sets the precedent for more violence as a solution.

In every revolution, in every change of power where government is replaced by government, the new government never has a good track record. The whole belief that giving a select few massive amounts of power over millions and the ability to be above the law works as long as it’s the right guys is truly comical. No governmental agency has the best wishes of the citizens at heart, interest is only shown because of what can be gained from the resource-rich area of eastern Ukraine.

The people are mistreated and oppressed by gleefully handing power to whatever government has the best marketing, and no progress can be made unless it comes from the people. True peace cannot be attained until the individuals set out for themselves to make change, to live peacefully and govern themselves. Order does not come from an external authority imposing force and sending in troops, order comes from people working together to make their community what they want: peaceful and prosperous.