Visit the BC Gymnasium!

Have time to spare from 8:30 to 2:30 on Fridays? Stop by the school gym! It is the G building located just a few steps away from the R building. A range of activities are available there and all you need is a valid student ID card.

Students and staff could engage in various sports that include basketball, badminton, pickleball and possibly volleyball. Not to worry, the gym will supply you with the tools needed to play the games! Badminton and pickleball rackets and all sorts of balls are available.

“I go to the open gym because it gives me the opportunity to exercise that I would not have otherwise,” said Hakim, who goes to the school gym every Friday. “Friday is a busy day so to have that available from 8:30 to 2:30 is convenient to go to between classes.”

Hakim’s favorite activity during open gym is playing badminton. According to Hakim, going to the open gym is also a fun social activity. “Sometimes it’s busy and crowded, but I get to meet new people which is great. Furthermore, it’s totally free of charge!”

So come down to the gym and join the fun! Get active while making friends this Friday.