Visiting alumni return to guide and inspire

The Business Leadership Club organized the Alumni Night on May 20 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Over 30 students and alumni attended in cafeteria rooms C120 A and B.

The event was for all students and current Business Leadership Club members looking for career guidance and ideas for post-graduation plans. “The night is a chance to figure out what you want to do for a career, how to interview and feel comfortable in adding to conversations,” said Andrew Buenbrazo, a BC alumnus, who now attends the University of Washington.

Many of the alumni returned to campus to share how they have made use of networking, communication and basic career skills to become successful.

A large dinner buffet, desserts and a large “welcome back” cake greeted the alumni. “This is a learning community. Students in high school never expect to talk and hear from the seniors. Here we prove that the alumni do come back, and do want to give back what they have learned,” said Leslie Lum, the BLC advisor.

The Alumni Night was a huge success and the event’s constructive purpose proved to be appealing. Some students heard about the event from their classes, posters, or attended on behalf of earning extra credit, but all were eager to join in and seek out advice from former alumni. “Students come to these events to speak with us and get direction, and not only hear advice, but also hear where that advice will take them from real experiences, like my own,” said Frank Fagoaga, an alumnus now working at Boeing.

Angie Dodge was acknowledged and thanked for her contribution in helping the event go smoothly. “It was not a one man team, I could never have done it on my own,” she said. The event advertised the BLC’s slogan, “striving towards excellence.”  Buenbrazo said, “we welcome all that are looking to go up in the industry, and really work for it, but [the group] are aware that [they] can’t do it alone, that is why it’s all about the group and events,”

Another event held by the organization was 2K Rock and Roll that raised over $3,300. “The event had everything to do with this club’s purpose. We designed it, planned it, and took on the leadership roll in carrying it out,” Sam Pierce, a BC student. The 2K event proceeds went towards the student safety net, Hopelink, and the Unicef organizations.

The next event in the lineup for BLC is a Microsoft tour entitled, “Future Home and Future of Office,” an event that the club has been working for and trying to get for several years now. “It is so exciting to see this one come together and that I will be a part of it, we are all just so grateful that all of our hard work on getting here has paid off and we can share this experience with others,” said Michelle Liu, the Vice President of BLC. The tour has limited availability and will be open to BLC members, and then to the rest of the College. The tour will take place Wednesday May 27.

“The main purpose of the Microsoft tour is to show students the reality of what they are working for, the opportunities available [to] them,” said Liu.

The Annual Alumni event had a large turnout, which was expected, but nevertheless appreciated. “The event was such a success last year, and really it just comes down to networking, and seeing what opportunities are available, that is what we try to advise on and what students need to be aware of,” said Robert Wong, Vice President of BLC.

“Alumni want to come back to these events and want to give back to their school. They paid for it and are where they are from it, and they are all grateful in returning the favor and helping others achieve great lengths,” said Lum.