Vital Nature: Let your voice be heard

Let your voice be heard, Washington! The work of legislative representatives has one key ambition: to represent you. Their objective is to reach consensus regarding a wide range of issues that affect every citizen and the future prosperity of Washington state. Their actions involve your cooperation, and to make critical decisions you need to let them know what your best interests are. This leads to the question: How do you represent yourself? Maybe you’re a farmer and want to promote your organic practices throughout the state.

Maybe you’re an artist and want greater recognition in the community. Maybe you’re a rising politician and want to explore your rights. Our world is made up of passionate people, and if you feel your ardor is not the legislative community, there are ways you can make that happen. Contacting legislative representatives can be as simple as dialing a phone number, sending an email, signing a petition or attending a lobbyist convention. To become better informed about the legislative system, visit and investigate the best ways you can participate.

The page will tell you that you can personally visit your legislators and attend town hall meetings among other things. If you have an idea; support or disapproval connected to a current local issue, you can visit to search for representatives near you that will consider your input.

From environmental coalitions to international students, Washington representatives need to hear what all members of the community have to say. So, what means the most to you? And when you think about what you care for most, consider the fact that you are part of a prominent force in the community.

Your choices always affect others. Your words are capable or hurting, healing and everything in between, so realize that speaking out for, or against, any cause will in turn ripple its effects into the minds and actions of others. Your legislators are working with you and for you, so learn who they are and what the stand for. Take your own stance and let them know how you feel and what you want for your community, you may spark an entirely new interest in them or reinforce something many people have been concerned about.

If you don’t yet feel concerned enough about a current issue, open your thoughts to what is already surrounding you. Watch the news to find out what’s current, click intriguing links while surfing the web, talk to people that inspire you though their own actions to catalyze your own effect. Whether your concern is the deforestation of precious trails and hiking routes, new fees and financial business or the lack of jobs in a certain workforce, you can present your idea to those who you have elected to represent your intentions. And while you’re at it, you might encourage those around you to do the same.

The input that our sensory and intellectual world provides is available for all to interpret. Educate yourself, find a cause, large or small, and pursue what you believe.

This opinion does not represent the Watchdog.