Volleyball sweeps

By Mikeya Jackson-Harper and Takumi Torri
The Bulldog women’s volleyball team defeated Skagit Valley in a three-game sweep on Wednesday, October 1, 2008.

Kime Weraku, BCC women's head coach, discusses strategies with the team.

In the first game, BCC defeated Skagit 25-13. The Bulldog’s performance focused on defense to win by blocking a majority of Skagit’s attacks. They had several classic three-hit coordinations throughout each game set with lots of good hits and serves.

The Bulldogs improved their performance from last week by having 10 or more assists; Juleea Perez leading them. Each player contributed in accomplishing their goals for the team.
“We’re talking more. It’s a different team from the beginning of the season,” said Gabby Garrido. “We’re having more aces, more cheering for our teammates, and better passes on the court.”
The second and last games were close in score. They were 25-13 and 25-16. Coaches on both teams received yellow cards. Coaches are allowed to question referee calls. Also a referee can give a yellow card to coaches or players as a warning.
“The other team had four touches and the referee had called four touches. The ball never touched the player’s block, but to us the ball did touch the block,” said Bulldogs’ assistant coach, Amanda Crank. “We tried to dig it back up.”