Volleyball swept by Edmonds

By Takumi Torii
The women’s volleyball team at BCC, on Wednesday, October 8, 2008, was defeated by Edmonds Community College in three straight sets. All three sets were very close. BCC was defeated in the first set 19-25. The second set was a scramble for points, and the seesaw game was continued until the last stage. However, BCC began to make mistakes such as missing the other team’s spike, after which the score was 18-21. As a result, the score was 19-25, the same as the first game. In the third set, BCC made some mistakes in passing and blocking.A hit was blocked by Edmonds, when came down on Bellevue’s side, at which a BCC player hit the ball backwards, with another player running after it. She dove for the ball, hitting the ball back towards the net. A BCC player hit the ball over the net, but Edmonds blocked it over to BCC’s side. Bellevue’s bad situation would continue until Bellevue took a time out, at which the score was 9-11. The spike by Kady Bieber was blocked by Edmonds. Danielle Rehm hit the ball out of play after receiving the serve from Edmonds. The game was now tied 19-19. With a serve by Hannah Fox, followed by a spike, the score became 21-19. However, they did not receive blocking from other teammates, which resulted in a score of 23-25. The game ended with a spike by Edmonds.
“Today it was pretty good game because all the games are close,” Tony Miranda, the Edmonds head coach said after the game.
Many supporters attended the game on Wednesday.
“It was disappointing,” said Kim Perez, a BCC supporter. “I think they should be a little bit more defensive.”
This loss took the team out of first place in the north.
Coach Amanda Crank said, “We should have won, but we didn’t show up to play. They had intimidation in their eyes. The defense was broken, it is completely our mistakes. We want to improve our mistakes for next game.”
“We needed to play better. I needed stronger defense,” said Megan Robinson, BCC middle-hitter player.