Want a job:get an internship

As the economy continues to worsen so does the chances of finding a suitable future career. Not only has the job market become much more prestigious but there may be in fact little time left to for the workers of tomorrow to delay getting competitive and start preparing for the future. For the students here at BC, one of the best ways to get an edge on your competition is to enroll in the academic internship program.

Today, internships may no longer even be an optional choice. In fact, according to experts, not only is an internship a must-have, but also requiring two internship experiences, is highly recommended. Many employers often will not even consider applicants who have no internship experiences.

The BC academic internship program is designed to not only assist students with getting a meaningful internship but to also ensure that internship experiences will count towards the future.

Internships appear on your official college transcript and can also add a letter grade towards a student’s GPA and count as up to five college credits.

According to Bellevue College, “many employers, colleges, and universities don’t consider an internship real unless it receives course credit through an academic institution.”

Therefore, it is important that students make sure that their internships are done through the BC internship program.

Often times, finding an internship can be an exhausting and lengthy process. The BC’s academic internship program collaborates with scores of local and Pacific Northwest businesses and companies that are all seeking to recruit interns.

One of the best features of the program is that students are able to apply for internships that are related to their future careers.

Students are required to meet with Bellevue College counselors that help students establish a competitive and comprehensive resume that will lead them to options that match up with an appropriate internship.

Using the BC’s “CONNECT!” online system, students can easily filter through the many offered internship opportunities to find one that is both suitable and interesting.

The CONNECT! system is a great way to take much of the hassle out of finding an internship.

Students entering the academic internship program will be guided through much of the process of acquiring and completing a successful experience.

In addition to receiving the instructions of BC’s academic counselors, students are individually paired with a Faculty Mentor who will help ensure that students can make the most out of their experience.

The program’s website agrees that just visiting their website is taking the first step to success.

For students who are looking to have a more effective academic experience try visiting their website at Bellevuecollege.edu/internships.

Or making time to ask questions at the Bellevue College Career Center to meet with someone personally, either way just finding out the basics is a step in the right direction in obtaining your life career.