Wellness and athletic activities in BC

WellnessThumbThe PE department was first introduced 10 years ago with support from the student programs. The main priority for this department is the students. “The goal is to get more people active in healthy lifestyles. This is another option instead of just simple gym workouts; there is a lot of outdoor recreation that is provided by nature. If you don’t like walking on the treadmill, you might like going for a walk in the woods, it’s a lot more fulfilling and rewarding,” said Peter Prescott of the Health and Physical Education Faculty.

Students of Bellevue College are so concentrated on their studies that sometimes they forget about having fun while exercising the body.  Statistics have shown that having a healthy body in terms of physical activities can help concentration as well as mental abilities. Of course studying is a big part of college life, but being active in campus activities is also a part of the requirements. This is where the PE department comes in at BC and introduces the whole concept of wellness. Students are not aware of the resources provided for them here in Bellevue College.

Each season has its own activity. For this winter, activities like rock climbing and snowshoeing are only provided to students of Bellevue College. Rock climbing is a good way to spend those boring weekend hours. It’s been said that this activity is one of the best ways to build muscle, on top of being very entertaining. These activities cost $5 for admission. If going rock climbing outside of school, these activities may cost $50 or more for the experienced instructors, gear and facility. Students of Bellevue College should be jumping at this opportunity of new experiences at a very affordable price. The fees for joining these activities will be used to support additional Wellness Center offerings. Another reason for the $5 admission, said Peter Prescott, is “getting people to sign up, for those who are committed in attending the event. You’re more likely to put it in your calendar if you paid $5 for admissions, rather than just signing up for free.” In other seasons like summer, there are many more activities such as hiking, backpacking and bike tours. From recent years, the bike tour has been the favorite so far.

If you need the feel of adventure or the rush of adrenaline, this is a good program to join. The newest edition to the activities is the overnight snowshoeing. One of the advantages of joining these events is the scenery: looking at beautiful lakes and rivers during the day, gazing at the clear night sky and watching the sun rise and set on the horizon. This is a good chance for students to get a new experience and explore the world around them.