What is spring break?

(SOURCE: Flickr)
(SOURCE: Flickr)

I’ve pulled THREE all-nighters this week but all’s good when you have good grades college. The only things I’ve had to drink this whole week is literally coffee.  Two quarters down, one to go until summer time. Spring break? Doesn’t exist.

My lack of sleep is making me sick. I swear I’m going to break out with oral thrush if this continues. But like all things in life, the ends justify the means but I am tired of studying and working hard.

I can’t wait for this weekend so that I can get some shut-eye but like all good students, it’s time to prepare for finals—one week in advance. After pulling a plethora of all nighters studying for finals, I will get two days of bliss and only two days.

Why only two days? I also take classes at another campus so I will be taking my Bellevue College finals during my “spring break.” I only get the Thursday and Friday after finals off before classes start up for me again.

Is it just me or is it impossible to have a good balance between maintaining good grades, having a social life, and working for new shoes? I haven’t seen my friends for more than 10 min in like two weeks (other than class). Because of my busy schedule, I barely have time to do anything. I’m worried I’ll get burned out or get an ulcer but at the end of the day, when I get everything I have to completed, I don’t feel stressed out at all. I feel accomplished, like I can conquer anything. I try to give myself some time during the week to catch up on missed shows; it’s an outlet.

On another note, I haven’t worked out in a long time other than walking all over campus to get to class. The Freshman 15 isn’t a myth, it’s real.

It slowly creeps into your life and takes over your wardrobe options: goodbye jeans, hello sweats. The “Spring Break Body” can’t be attained. How can you diet when you’re studying for finals? The ideal college spring break that everyone talks about will never come true to  serious students because we have too much at stake.

In class, I hear everyone talking about their exciting plans to travel away to Cancun or Cabo but I’m just looking forward to ending the quarter with a bang. For me, the real party starts when I get three consecutive months off for summer.

Instead of daydreaming about Spring break, study for finals. Get everything done, and during your week off, get yourself mentally ready for dun, dun, dun SPRING QUARTER.