What the fashion? – Recessionistas

Riley Hartwell Features Editor
Riley Hartwell Features Editor

Recession depression – It seems as though a lot of us are suffering because of the recession. From unemployment, to cut backs in our lifestyles, and a lot of us aren’t shopping everyday, or as much as we could be, as a result. Even without the recession, we’re not all going out purchasing the latest Marc Jacobs, or John Galliano at the mall. That’s why there is one new trend that is letting us Target and Kohl’s shoppers delve into the high fashion world – the top designers are bringing their top fashion to us on our terms.
Not only are everyday people taking hits from the recession, but high fashion designers as well are suffering. High fashion and couture runway designs are not selling as much because people just don’t have the money to spend on clothes.
So, designers are now bringing their lines to our favorite stores we frequent for good deals and different odds and ends.
Vera Wang is taking over Kohl’s. Although she is known for her gorgeous wedding gown collection, more recently she has been designing everyday clothes for Kohl’s. She has designed everything from shoes and accessories, to towels and simple clothes for the everyday recessionista, fashion-forward woman.
Target’s “Go International” campaign brings a new designer and that designer is sold for three months after it is released.
Target started the Go International brand in 2005 and Luella Bartley was the first high fashion designer to be released in January 2006. Since then high profile designers such as Proenza Shouler, Libertine, Erin Featherston, Rodarte, and Alexander McQueen have been creating fashion-forward, affordable pieces for us recessionistas. The most recent designer to grace the clothing racks of Target is Zac Posen and, out of all of the designers, this designer’s pieces have impressed me the most so far.
Zac decided to incorporate convertibility into his designs and in doing so came up some really cool pieces. One that sticks out in my mind is a strapless party dress that is more on the formal side, but can convert into a more casual day dress -a layer of tulle ruffles are easily removed or added to the dress to take you from day to night or night to day. He also designed a simple spring dress with snaps all over it that enables you to create different hemlines and textures by snapping up different parts of the dress.
Other than the convertible pieces, there are a lot of classic designs as well. One being a classic, well tailored, women’s power suit that can be rocked separately or together, and a funky red leather jacket that will definitely turn some heads.
It’s really cool that normal people like you and I are able to participate in the high fashion world without blowing our whole savings account on one article of clothing – and I guess we have the recession to thank for that.