What to do if You Don’t Want Swine Flu!

Here is a short list of things you can do to lower your chances of getting H1N1. Also mentioned are a few things to do if you contract it and ways to prevent spreading.

1) Keep your distance from people who appear sick or if you’re sick. You should try and keep a six-foot distance between you and the person.

2) Stay home when you feel sick. Stay away from public places and gatherings, especially school and work.

3) Always cover your cough even if there is no one around.

4) Wash your hands frequently and use alcohol based hand sanitizers.

5) Try to avoid touching your face.

6) Take your temperature when you feel ill—even if it doesn’t feel like it’s severe. If you have a fever see a doctor as soon as possible.

7) Tell your professor that you’re sick. Stay in contact with them so you don’t miss too much work. Use email or if possible, call your teacher.

8) If your teacher is sick, try and reach them. Keep in contact to see updates and schedule changes.

9) Keep up to date on what’s going on around you. Don’t show up to school one day simply to find out it has been shut down because of a swine flu outbreak.