What to expect from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

The release of the newest edition in the “Call of Duty” franchise was a vital moment for game publisher Activision. The Black Ops series has seen periods as a powerhouse amongst rival companies throughout the years. However, the video game industry currently resides in strict control of the Epic Games sensation “Fortnite” which has made it difficult for competing games to develop substantial fan base and stock growth. The billions of dollars in revenue per year this past decade has rightfully placed infinitely high expectations on the newest Black Ops, especially when incorporating a battle royale game mode which intends on directly competing with “Fortnite” on console and PC gaming.

One of the most surprising qualities of Black Ops 4 is the decision to not include a campaign. This was most definitely bold but could payoff as the new game mode had some thrilling content. Blackout mode will undoubtedly end up taking uncountable hours from the youth as the satisfaction from achieving a victory in a battle royale seems everlasting. The new mode had everything a beginner could desire from high powered weaponry to efficient mobility. From the way Blackout is designed, a vast majority of the game lobby will lose every match. Future “Call of Duty” gamers will have to decide if they will let this adversity positively or negatively affect their gaming experience. However, this adversity mounts up to one of the most rewarding moments possible in the gaming world once a “Victory Royale” is finally achieved. “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4” definitely fulfilled these standards as the gameplay accommodates a wide variety of player skill levels and styles. Passive players will enjoy the complexity of the map which makes for some excellent hiding places while more experienced players will find entertainment from the advanced visuals of combat. As is the case in any battle royale, the unskilled players will have to find entertainment in being slain by superior opponents.

The Zombies portion of the game appeared action-packed and terrifying. The IGN references this game mode in comparison to previous zombie game modes in an article writing, “This ever-more integral inclusion in the Call of Duty package has evolved significantly over the last ten years. Its simple core premise of building and rebuilding barriers while shooting the walking dead has turned into a meaty offering with buildable power-ups, a bespoke perk and elixir system, and obtuse, multi-step hidden quests.” All in all, an enjoyable experience can be expected for all players on all platforms when playing “Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.”