What’s up at BC Fitness Center?

Wellness CenterBellevue College has two unique features to its Physical Education Department, a user supported fitness center, as well as a fun and exploratory Wellness Center.  While most four year and two year schools grant blanket access to its designated “gym” for all students, BC is different.  Because it is often counted as the third largest school in the state, so as to keep equipment well stocked, and free personal trainers available at all times, students must be registered for a Life Fitness section in order to have access.

Community members, staff   and   faculty must  also register for a non-credit section in order to have access.  Athletes too, though   not  through  registration  but athletics, pay a fee  to use the Fitness Center.

Free personal training is a notable highlight  to  the  facility  here.  Very  few  schools have the ability to offer such opportunity.

“It’s not a requirement that you meet with someone,” said Peter Prescott, the Wellness Center Program Coordinator and Fitness Center Director, “but it’s a really great opportunity for everyone to sit down and meet with someone, have them assess their goals, their past activity history, and design a program just for you.” “I really like that this school has a gym and that I can use it,” said student Daunte Webber, “it gives me credits which helps me be full time here, and I don’t have a membership right now at a local gym or anything like that, so being able to come here and take a class to work out is actually really helpful. I enjoy working out and it relieves a lot of stress for me.”

Outside the fitness center, over the past eight years now Bellevue College has offered opportunities for an array of recreational outdoor activities through the Wellness Center.  Available to all students, staff and faculty, for a $5 registration fee one can take part in rock climbing, sea kayaking, group hiking, GPS navigation clinics and even snowshoeing.

Aside from the outdoor activities, the Wellness Center also provides students registered in any of the Life Fitness sections an alternative to the treadmill or weights with activities such as yoga or zumba. Additionally for staff and faculty, the Wellness Center also provides personal training as well as health screening.