White Collar: Plot twists

White Collar is a show directed by Bronwen Hughes. It stars Matt Bomer as Neil Caffrey and Tim Dekay as Peter Burke, a devoted FBI agent who spends most of his career pursuing Neil, who is a white collar criminal. The original plot involved Special Agent Peter Burke using Neil as a CI (criminal informant) to track down con men, criminals and white collar thieves. The plot has changed substantially in the course of its latest season, season five. Lies that blur the lines between friend and enemy wax and wane the season.

The lies that Neil tells to Peter drive the direction that the new season takes. Peter Burke witnesses a crime in season four, and a complicated situation arises: Burke is arrested for the crime. Neil is approached by Peter Burke’s wife, who asks Neil to do whatever it takes to get Peter out of jail. Surprising circumstances arise when a criminal by the name of Hagan approaches Neil with a proposition. Time is ticking until Peter’s indictment and Neil decides to go through with the man’s deal.

The deceit compounds as Neil steals gold coins for Hagan in exchange for Peter’s release from prison. However, the plot does not stop there. It manifests itself into a convoluted scenario of blackmail. Hagan threatens Neil with a video recording of Neil stealing the gold coins. He demands a number of illicit favors in which Neil steals a chapter from a mysterious ancient book and a glass panel from a church. There are more than two game players in the mix of blackmail, however. The show illuminates a new side to an old character: Neil’s girlfriend, Rebecca. Rebecca plays multiple roles throughout the most recent season. She is apparently a librarian and a self-declared “bookworm” interested in books. She becomes an accessory to a number of crimes committed by Neil, such as theft. However, as the season progresses, Neil learns that she is a professional criminal with a limited moral conscience. She assassinated a federal agent and a criminal. Her ounce of morality comes to light when she admits she fell in love with Neil, despite her criminal conduct. White Collar’s plot has progressed successfully in its latest season.