Who, What, Wear: festival fashion edition

Kate Bosworth at Coachella. (SOURCE: www.knighttcat.com)
Kate Bosworth at Coachella. (SOURCE: www.knighttcat.com)

It’s that time of the year again, the time when people flock to embrace the heat and watch their favorite indie bands perform. That’s right, summer music festivals are back.

People don’t just swarm to the desert for the 100°F plus weather and their favorite artists. It’s no secret that the media coverage on festival fashion is just as much as the coverage on the festival itself. So, why can’t we all just put on our bikinis, throw an oversized T-shirt over it and call it a day? How can you dress appropriately for the festival?  Allow me to offer you an informal analysis.

Head gear:

You’d think when the weather is so hot, the last thing one’d like to do is to wear some fuzzy head gear. Well, turns out you’re wrong and I have the Coachella attendees as evidence. The animal spirit hoods first spotted on Kim Kardashian made their way to the wardrobe of fashion bloggers and now, the festival crowd. It should be no surprise that they are seen in a desert, but just so you know, basic sun hats work just fine.


Two words, six letters: RAY BAN.

You will definitely do no wrong with Ray Bans. Wayfarers are nice and aviators’ll work just as well. That being said, all kinds of sunnies are welcome as long as they look nothing like any practical sunglasses. Star-shaped, heart-shaped, plastic stripes, you name it. In short, the wackier the better.


This look that requires killer legs and involves a pair of shorts tiny as the size of a bandeau is initially seen on the one and only Kate Moss in the Glastonbury Festival in 2005.

Six years gone by and still, micro-shorts are worn by countless festival attendees. Proof? Kate Bosworth and Vanessa Hudgens both rocked those shorts during Coachella this year. If one comment is to be made on micro-shorts: TRUE CLASSIC.


If you are insecure about your legs and dare not try the less than 20cm shorts, then the long, boho dresses will be something you want to slip in. Not only can the light-weighted dresses keep you from sweating like a pig, they also spare you the trouble of mixing and matching without a mirror.


Vintage is one of the more sought-after looks among the festival crowd this year. Think plaids, lots of fringes, high-waisted pants, airy crochets and crop tops. Honestly, these people deserve an award for putting all that effort into dressing themselves in a desert.


Again, you have Kate Moss to thank for starting the whole wellies trend. We both know it’s no Glastonbury (otherwise known as the muddiest and rainiest festival)  here in America, but when our forever style icon wears them we just can’t help ourselves but shell out $125 for those Hunters.