Wibbley’s Burgers

DSC_0699Step into Wibbley’s Gourmet Burgers, a restaurant that has been serving up old fashioned burgers, some with modern twists, since 1992. Ordering food is simple and easy. The wall right next to the door has placards with a few dozen foods to choose from. Unlike most burger joints nowadays where burger dishes come with various side dishes and unnecessary flourishing, people at Wibbley’s order exactly what burger they want and anything they want with it.

Wibbley’s stands out in an economic sense as well. The store has maintained a cash-only business plan for over 20 years. They also hold strange yet consistent hours that span from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. on weekdays, and very short hours on weekends, which is the busiest time of the week for most of the restaurant business. The restaurant applies itself to exclusively market at lunch and dinner regulars throughout the week. By keeping consistent hours, the company has survived purely on the reputation of scrumptious, juicy burgers, and the mouths that enjoy the burgers and then speak highly of the joint.

The young people working in the front seemed at home; almost as if their parents were working in the back. The place has a familiar and welcoming vibe, and happens to also make some of the most enjoyable freshly-made burgers around town. With options such as the Century Burger or the Wibbley’s Gourmet Cheese Burger,  one can hardly go wrong. We ordered the two mentioned; both sesame seed buns filled with a char-broiled patty, tomato and bacon. The first was topped with mayo, blue cheese crumbles and sprouts (I opted to add some of Wibbley’s sauce as well) and the other was topped with Wibbley’s dressing, American cheese, lettuce and pickles. Add on a thick, rich milkshake and a side of well-prepared onion rings or fries, and you’ve got yourself a solid American diner meal.
Even though the restaurant was founded in the 90s, the dining tables and surrounding walls have a centennial look. Green paint peels off the walls that are decorated with various knick knacks and art from around the world. Random letters, ship designs, and Scandinavian alphabet guides are a few of the many bizarre things to look at while eating. Visitors can indulge all their senses: fantastic wall art to look at, 3D sculptures, mouth-watering smells, and then your burger is brought to you, finally giving your taste buds a chance to have their fun. Wibbley’s offers burgers and an atmosphere not easily forgotten, rather one that easily draws customers back in.