Will Peyton Manning play this season?

SOURCE: (http://www.losthatsportsblog.com)
SOURCE: (http://www.losthatsportsblog.com)

Since Peyton Manning’s injury during last year, there has been much anticipation of the upcoming football season for the Indianapolis Colts.

After the May 23 surgery to prepare a bulging disk in his neck, there is even more discussions about his return this year.

Before the surgery they were saying he would miss two to three months at the minimum. However, after his cervical fusion procedure on September 8, some say it makes sense to sit him the rest of the season.

The possibility of losing the face of the franchise for a whole season has the Colts team on edge.

Everyone is wondering how the Colts will hold up against their competition without their star quarterback. It even has the team wondering themselves. Since 1998, Manning has earned MVP in 2003, 2004, 2008 and 2009. Along with MVP, he has received other athlete’s awards.

Manning has been a growing star for the Colts, and many, including his team, believe that he has a good couple years left in him. But without him there are doubts about the Colts earning a playoff spot this year. Bob Kravitz from the Indianapolis star says “With Manning, I had the Colts at 10-6, but without him, I have them at 6-10, maybe 7-9.”

With these kinds of predictions it has got to be messing the psyche of the team, They have to be devastated to have lost their star, but shouldn’t there be some more confidence in them without him?

Yes, the possibility of losing Manning for the season is daunting, but for some on the team it gives them a chance to shine.

Up until this new injury and the surgery, Manning has been the picture of durability, only missing one snap in his career due to another injury.

Clearly this new injury is career-altering and will temporarily disrupt Manning’s march on NFL history, but no one is ready to start talking about him in the past tense.

I think the fans of the Colts will help with the pressure on game day by cheering them on like they have all these years, and prove that the team isn’t just about one player or losing one player, it is about the will and skill to win as a team.

With the support of their fans and the support of their star player, the Colts should be able to pull something out against the competition this season.

The Colts have gotten off to a shaky start, but there is still time for them to turn the season around.