Winter Fashion: How to look good while bundled up

It's possible to look chic while bundled up. (SOURCE:
It's possible to look chic while bundled up. (SOURCE:

Every now and then when you walk around the campus, you see people who make you wonder why aren’t they freezing. For the majority of them, it’s more than obvious that they are trading warmth for style.

You probably can’t blame them. We all know looking chic while covered in layers is not the easiest task to perform. Even if you don’t end up looking two sizes larger, you will still appear somewhat bulky.

Bundling up in cold weather without looking like a moving snowman can be frustrating, but since we will have to do it anyway, try looking it another way.

You can be creative and do lots of layering and it is the one time to showcase your inner Rachel Zoe.

The key to not looking cumbersome while wearing 10 layers of clothes is in general, to accessorize wisely. Here’s a head-to-toe list of ideas that might help you:


Don’t be afraid to take risks when it comes down to hats. Try out different styles and shapes.

Some may think furry hats are over the top but believe me, this is a time when people wear dresses made of raw meat. A faux fur hat truly is nothing. Take a trip to H&M and you’ll find yourself some pretty furry Russian hats and trappers.

A beret is another good choice that is sleeker and still incredibly chic.

Scarves and gloves

The good thing about scarves is they can really keep you warm while looking good. From the plain ones to the


colorful Nordic patterned ones, scarves work on every occasion.

Neck warmers do a great job too in creating volume and fullness without the messy long length. They can add the effortless edge to your simple outfit just like that.

As for gloves, faux fur  and leopard patterned ones seem to be having their moments. Elbow length gloves are another practical yet cool choice.

To all the iPhone users out there, I guess you will have no choice but to stick with the fingerless ones. (Unless you own one of those iPhone gloves that have weird conductive fingertips.) You know there ought to be some give and take.

Tops and Outerwear

Thanks to Christopher Bailey from Burberry Prorsum, snug shearling is now back. Cape and ponchos are returning as well with a more bohemian touch.

Finally, when in doubt, think oversized cardigans and the classic wool peacoats.

(SOURCE: http://www.
(SOURCE: http://www.

Bottoms and Hoisery

When you can no longer work those tops with plunging necklines during winter, showing off your legs instead may be a good idea.

A more cost effective way will be wearing thick leggings under your pair of hot pants from summer. Skinny jeans and jeggings are still on top of the game since they can be tucked into boots with ease.

If you are bored with such combos, layering two pairs of leg warmers of different lengths and patterns over your skinny jeans may be another way out. Just be careful not to make your calves look like your thighs with all those layers.

Leg warmers over knee highs and see through leggings over colored tights are slightly harder to execute but when done right, they look impeccable and allow you to look cute and feel cozy at the same time.


If you are an Ugg person, there’s a big chance you are going to live in those gigantic boots the whole winter.

(SOURCE: http://www.
(SOURCE: http://www.

For those who won’t be caught dead in the sheepskin boots though, furry boots are definitely worth a try.

Faux fur is huge right now and more fur on your boots is always preferred. Who cares if your boots look like a gift from an Eskimo?

According to weather forecasts, we are going to have one cold winter in Seattle this year.

You may still stick with your attire that is incoherent with the weather for now, but when frigidity finally takes over you, the list above will come in handy.