Women’s Basketball: Dynamic pre-season

SOURCE: (bellevuecollege.edu/athletics)
SOURCE: (bellevuecollege.edu/athletics)

The winter season is approaching fast, and that means new sports will go into full swing. In the gym, there is a team, whose practices are promising a winning season.

The practice of none other than the Bellevue College (BC) Women’s basketball team in full swing.

It is a testament to their training and conditioning which is directed by their head coach Brent Hermanson.  Hermanson is no slouch either; a golfer and avid cyclist, Hermanson has a record of 59-30 finishing second in the north division twice and only fourth once.

In 2011 Hermanson lead his team with a record of 23-7 with a fifth place finish in the (Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges) NWAACC tournament season of 2010-2011.

So imagine the team and Hermanson have some high expectations for this upcoming season, no doubt they do aim well into the stars.

On Oct 27 its going to the Bulldogs first dance with victory. From three to nine  in the evening, be sure to come and give them a roar. They will be playing rival teams like Green River Community College and Pierce community college.

The team can adapt and still succeed. Their reputation proves this when earlier this season Anne Claire De-hartog was lost due to a ruptured achilies. Our Bulldogs have a record of ranking 8th in the NWAACC coaches poll and tied for second in the north poll.

Of the many star players on the team Sandra Miovic is averaging 13.7 points and seven  rebounds per game. Milovic is an agile and strong on how she performs on the court.

Another strong contender is player Kelsey Sparks. Averaging 14 points per game and 4.9 rebounds per game along with teammate Brittany Barrington keeping the heat with 10.9 points per game and 5.9 rebounds per game. Its not a wonder they can confirm tall orders and deliver under pressure. While delivering may be a greater challenge you must play the best to be the best.

They do in fact play the best only being three games short of competing for NWAACC championship against Yakima valley in the 2012 championships. This is an experience that will give them more confidence for the upcoming year.

Each of the team’s powerful practices ensures more confidence for the BC student body in BC’s strong Women’s basketball team. With each basket, rebound, and possession, the team knows it is getting closer to it’s winning season.

Coming out with victory paid to a team not only that is determined but makes every second, every point count.  Making another season and another step towards the top. But for the acclaimed Bulldogs team its just another dynamic pass on their way to number one.