Women’s basketball seasons kicks off

BasketballCoachSliderOn Nov. 22, the new season started for the women’s basketball team. Their first game against the defending Northwest Athletic Association of Community Colleges champions, Lane Community College, will be a test to see whether or not they are ready to battle it out amongst the best. Last year, the Bulldogs were able to end the season with an amazing record of 10-1 under Coach Jeremy Eggers. Hopefully, they keep this hot streak going. “We won the north, and took fifth in the NWAACC. The girls want to get back there, and be a factor in the NWAAC tournament,” said Eggers.

One of the main differences this year is how Eggers is preparing the team. Instead of being average at everything, he is trying to get the team to focus on one factor and be the best at that. This factor will allow the team to dominate each game and will bring more confidence to the team to be able to “Compete at a higher level every day,” said Eggers. The players are not playing hard enough due to the lack of challenges. Not a lot of the freshmen are competing for playing time during games, so some of them become conceited and do not give the game as much as they should. This is one of the main goals Eggers wants to achieve and get out of his players.

Another factor this season, is that they are gaining new experiences, talent and a physical advantage as seven of the sophomores are returning from last year while new freshmen and two volleyball players are joining the team. There might be a slight delay with the volleyball players who are joining, as they wrap up their NWAACC tournament. Out of all the players on the team, two players stood out the most in Eggers’ opinion, Maddison Rankin and Airashay Rogers, the two sophomore guards for the women’s basketball team. Both of these players possess different personalities and leadership skills. “Maddison Rankin is more of our emotional and vocal leader. Physically she plays hard, sometimes too hard. She’s got a great attitude towards the game, and has a good work ethic. Airashay Rogers is by far the most talented player. She signed with the Huskies last year, but wasn’t qualified academically, but she can improve our play,” stated Eggers. One of the anchors for the defensive end is Jori Hall, who is a returning defensive player in the league, and can bring stability to the team.

This season’s gameplay would not be any different from last year’s, as Eggers is very persistent and specific in the ways he wants the team to succeed. Since the team is not as deep as it used to be, they won’t be able to pressure the ball as much as they used to, but Eggers is looking forward to having a good half court set offensively and defensively this season.