Features Reporter

Features reporters are staff reporters who specialize in writing features articles. Reporters act as investigative journalists by contacting sources, conducting interviews and collecting information that will be arranged into articles. Watchdog arts & features articles often revolve around student-organized events on campus, theater productions and on-campus and local art. Features articles do not include the hard-hitting information that the news section does, but do offer a valuable and interesting platform from which information and resources can be provided to readers.

All staff reporters are required to write at least one article per week and must be willing to write for all sections as needed, which include News, Arts & Features, Opinion Editorials and Edge (popular culture and reviews).

Articles must be written with correct grammar and syntax, including relevant, accurate and complete information and no less than three sources. All interviews must be recorded and all quotes used in the article must be direct transcriptions from the recording. The writer must also be able to paraphrase, and know when it is pertinent to use a direct quote and when it is not. All article are written and edited in accordance with Associated Press style.

New staff reporters earn $20 per published article. As they produce quality articles over time, are consistently responsive to communication and receptive to feedback, they have the opportunity to advance their payment to $30 per published article.